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Beat ThangBeat Thang Virtual Complete Desk Top Beat Maker Machine and Sampler…

Beat Thang virtual is the latest and newest music production software program to hit the market for beat makers. The BTV Solo Is the entry level software tool that is power pack with all you need to make a few hit beats.

- YOU CAN Make Hot Beats Simple and Easy with Over 3000 Unique Sounds and Beat Samples with beat thang. You Get Never Heard Before Instruments and Quality Sounds. Export your Finished Song or Beat Files in Seconds.

- YOU CAN Use Your Mouse, Touch Pad or USB Midi Controller to Make Hot Beats Only Minutes After YOU Download Your Beat Thang to Your Computer!!

- Even If YOU Never Made Beats Before, Beat Thang is Fast and Easy to Learn. Making 5 or 10 Hip Hop Beats a Day Will Be Easy and Fun for YOU!

This is your chance to make Cool Rap Beats with one of the Hottest Virtual Beat Makers on the market today. With this Hip Hop Beat Maker, you can Make beats that sound perfect for the Radio and you will surely be able to sell beats online.

Beat Thang Virtual Beat Maker Software Program is Simple and Easy to Use

As one of the leading virtual beat makers software programs in the market, beat thang virtual beat maker music production software has proved to be one of the most effective production tools in the game. Many major industry producers have added the beat thang virtual music production software to their arsenal of quality production tools. The simplicity that it offers with beat thnag music production software is noted by many leading professionals in the hip hop beat making community. Their claim is that beat thang brings bake the essence of when beat making was simple and the creative process was a lot easier.

Some Facts About Your Download Beat Maker Software You Will Receive Today.

Beat ThangYour Beat Maker Software can work on your computer keyboard. Unlike many other beat maker software products on the market that only work with a MIDI controller, the BTV solo music production software will work with out one.

No worry about your operating system. Rather if you have a  Mac or PC computer, the BTVsolo will work on both. You can feel secure about your download beat maker software “BTVSOLO”.

1000 Sounds get you started today! That is more than enough to crank out more than a few nice beats.

Beat Thang Virtual has more than 100 hip hop beats that come with your download today. You can sample them or use them anyway you chose to do so. They are royalty free and added to this music production software.

Drum Kits are important to any hip hop beat maker music production software and that is why we install over 100 drum kits in the Beat Thang  Virtual BTV SOLO for you.

You get a mixer built in for volume control , left to right panning, multiple effects to manipulate all you sounds, frequency control to pitch the way you prefer, and much more.

You get all the effects you would ever need with the Beat Thang. They include phase rs effects , fl angers effects, pitch-shifters effects , high pass/low pass filter controls, compressors controls, limiters to limit sounds, re-verb effects, delay processors, and much more.

Here Are Some of the Things You Get With Your Beat Thang Virtual Beat Maker Software Program Today.


Virtual Beat MakerBeat Thang Has High Quality Sounds. You will get the best wav sound quality with your beat thang today.

BTVSOLO Software Download on the Internet offering you a quick installation.

MIDI Controller Access to your software to use with any midi controller.

Beat Thang Samples all ready loaded in your BTV for you.
Beat Thang Tutorials are free for you to learn every thing that you need to know.
Member Area Access where we have more deals for you.

You get a 60 day no hassle money back refund on your Beat thang Purchase.

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Still Not Sure About the Beat Thang Virtual Beat Maker Music Production Software Program

Advantages of Using The Beat Thang Music Production Software for Your Songs

Music Production SoftwareMaking music can be a very expensive process, since instruments, vocals, and a recording studio can add up to cash amounts that are not affordable just for everybody. Beat Thang Music production software, on the other hand, reduces costs tremendously, and you also cut the middleman, not needing a production company to produce and record your songs. There are plenty of advantages one can enjoy by using beat thang music production software, even people that do not have a lot of money at their disposal to build their careers as musicians.

Convenience of the Beat Thang Music Production Software

Before music production software ever existed, in order to record a song, you had to go to a record studio, and eventually even pay for their services, in case you had no deal signed with them previously. Such things were not only expensive, they were also inconvenient, since each time you were in need of recording services, you had to leave your house and go to them. With music production software like the beat thang, there is no more need for you to move, since everything can be done in the comfort of your home and right on your computer.

Music Production Software is Time efficient

Music production software is also advantageous because it is time efficient. Just think of all the hassle needed to assemble all the people needed to produce a song. First you need people that know how to play the musical instruments needed for your creation, then you need vocals, and last, but not least, you need the people from the recording studio. Just putting together all these professionals can lead to serious headaches, so having music production software that does all that, without requiring you as much as lifting a finger, can be much more time efficient.

Having your own music production software give you Independence

There are many other things that beat thang music production software facilitates. For instance, you do not have to rely on a music producer to help you with your songs. Creative work can be daunting at times, and the last thing you need is to get in conflict with another musician. While you may think the entire creation belongs to you, the others that helped you with the final product may ask for compensations, provided that they took part in the production of your music. Such situations can be avoided if you use music production software, because you will be totally free from such obligations. All the music will be produced by you and only by you, and no one will be able to tell they contributed in any way.

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