Is The Beat Thang A Virtual MPC?

Virtual MPCVirtual MPC by AKAI does not  exist as far as we know. Many people think that the Beat thang is a virtual MPC because it shares many of the similarities that would come with a hardware MPC by AKAI. The truth is AKAI doesn’t make a virtual beat maker and from the dealers that were spoken to the will never make a virtual MPC. The makers of the beat thang have captured the feel of a popular hardware by making a simple and easier computer virtual machine to make beats in an old school kind of way.

No The Beat Thang Is Not A Virtual MPC…

Even though many people on the internet are saying that beat thang is like a virtual MPC, it is clearly a virtual beat machine that can out perform any hardware unit that is basically on the market. The beat thang virtual beat maker can give you more sample time and disk space then any hardware unit. With Hardware music products comes many limitation that producers have ground to hate over the years with the love a software. Hardware units are like the thing of the pass. So for those that loved what the hardware MPC products use to do back in the days, you will definitely love what the beat thing virtual machine will do. But Remember, The Beat Thang is not a Virtual MPC.

Why do music producer want a Virtual MPC?

Most music  producers cant get over the experiences they have had making music over the years on their hardware units. This is why many of them look for a virtual MPC to replace the change in the hip hop music beat industry to get the feeling back. Even though Beat Thang is not a Virtual MPC, it probably is the closest thing to what a virtual MPC would be if there was a such thing on the market.

If you are looking to capture the essence of what real hip hop beat making is all about, try the new virtual beat thang. It will be just like using any hardware unit that you ever heard of or used before. The price is lower then a good per of sneakers and your investment in it today can bring back returns in many ways considering you put it to use which is easy to do. Just simple download your copy today and make some beats today. Its always good to try out new virtual tools to spark some new creativity.

Check out Beat Thang Today and make the beat that get the club moving.


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